Nen System 15D

-Basic Farming
– Only Worked on Gameking < Launcher Not Worked in Steam Version!
-Hunt / Roaming Mode(Adding Positions to walk to/between)
-No Attack Animations
-Prioritizing Bosses
-Customizable Target List (Model/Index)
-Force Channel(Guaranteed to stay in the same channel even after fatigue recovery)
-Automatic Skill Usage
-Hitting under the Ground

Automatic Looting:
-Picking Up Everything Automatically
-Picking up Bits
-3 Pick Up Filter Modes(Loot All/Whitelist/Blacklist)

General Automation Features:
-Auto Evolution
-Automatically Maintaining Tamer HP/DS/XG/FT(+ Pick item from inventory instead of Action bar)
-Automatically Maintaining Digimon HP/DS (+ Pick item from inventory instead of Action bar)
-Fatigue Recovery System for Faster Recovery of Stamina
-Auto Login
-Auto Return
-Auto Drop
-Auto Travel

-AntiMacro Captcha solver
-MultiClient with just 1 Folder
-Game optimizations(Fast Map loading and Ram low usage)
-Portable Warehouse
-No Collision
-Fake Name/Name Changer(Visual Only,useful for Videos)

R$ 18,00

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